Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why me?

When I woke up, it was totally dull and depressed. It was a complete blackout and nothing could be examined. Not a single sound or a rustling. I shortly saw that I was totally alone. I was the one left out. I ran around here and there in order to find some daylight and a clue about life but wasn’t any. I was all in tears and sobbing myself. Why me?

Whenever anything bad happens, I am to be blamed for that. There is a unanimous biased vote approved against me. I have become a symbol of hate. A person dies or an animal, a tree falls or a building, a road is blocked or a runway, all five fingers point at me. Why me?

They stare back at me darkly, mocking me. I am not defective because I look ugly it is because I was born to be unfit. I am the guilty party that you will find on this planet. I am the cause for all bad that’s going on. People say life without me would be full of serenity and prosperity. Angels will rejoice over my demise and the world will bring a sigh of relief. In short, the universe would be a safer spot to live in without me. Why me?

The story presented is entirely one sided. I cannot bring my shell to any reputable court on this planet. I have been declared culprit and charged guilty even before the case is submitted to the evaluator. When I try to speak up, they choke up my way and when they speak up it’s for everyone to try. Why me?

If I cry, then it is because of my wrongdoings. If I am insulted, that’s what I am meant for. If I am killed, then this is what I deserve. If I retaliate then I am a criminal. Why me?

I am suffered to be a slave and slavery is all I should do. I cannot rule. This is way out of the question. If I stand up for my rights then I am pushed to sit down. My people are doomed to be a tough and rotten life. A loaf of bread is plenty for the intact day. Why me?

If I am happy, then they can’t resist it. If I succeed, their blood boils. If I try to fly, they burn my wings. If I try to explore, they shut down my path. Why me?

If my friends do wrong, then I am also wrong. If others do wrong, then that’s their personal act. If my people do wrong, then our entire community is a culprit, but if others do the same then that’s a separate story. Why me?

If I stand up I am a rebel, if they stand up they are nationalists. If I go, I am an extremist, if they fail they are sufferers. If I live, I am a betrayer. If they exist, they are champions. Why these double standards? Why me?

If I speak up, I am viewed as an outright liar. If they speak up, they are the heroes of humankind. I cannot speak even if I have the proof against my opponents, but they can put false allegation on me whenever they feel alike. Why me?

If my people pull in their own conclusions, they are held as invalid. When their people arrive at a decision, it is labelled as democracy. I am impelled to yield a big price if I acquire a decision for myself. Why me?

If I follow my dress code, I am a rabid. If they conform to their dress code, they are pious. My practices are denounced as dangerous for mankind whilst theirs’ brings prosperity. Why me?

My annoyance is only my pain. Their pain is world’s pain. My battles are only my struggles. Their struggles unite the whole Earth. My sufferings are inaudible. Why me?

My lecture is considered unbearable. Their speech is labelled ‘freedom of expression’. My words are, either misinterpreted or remove as they breach community rights. Others possess a free hand to say whatever they like to say about me. I am just supposed to stay impervious? Why me?

My errors are unacceptable, but theirs are venial. Why am I labelled notorious? Why me?

My people die day in day out, it’s a normal action. When their people go, it’s an irreparable loss for the world. Is the line of my people available in the grocery store for free? Why me?

Nobody sympathizes with me. Am I incomprehensible? They dictate the direction they desire. They impose what they require. What about me? I am a single and helpless soul who isn’t paid a heed. Nobody even bothers to take heed to my cries and sorrows. Why are these double standards applicable only to me? Am I not human? Even animals get a fuller treatment than me. Why me?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Are you neutral? You've got to be joking…

Man is a social animal. He has been like this since day one and this will remain the same for eternity. Our surroundings and gatherings shape up our opinions. As a human being with thinking capability, it is not possible to act as a neutral. For each and every thing on this planet we have a view be it good or bad, positive or negative. How can you be neutral when you have not been made that way? In my dictionary, this word does not exist. Erase this word from your mind. It isn’t anything. Wise people are those who are affected by their surroundings but do not let these factors hinder their quest to seek the truth. If a person is at fault and the whole community supports him then this does not mean that I should do that as well if I know the truth. 

Why do people pretend to be neutral? There can be many ways for doing so. Mostly people avoid doing so as they don’t want to get into trouble by siding with one or the other. Others have certain vested interests which they protect by not siding with any party. At the end of the day, the fact is that every person is inclined towards one thing or the other no matter if they declare it publicly or keep it to themselves. 

There is no hard and fast rule that you need to follow when it comes to letting your feelings known. It is highly advisable to do so when it is beneficial to do so and helps in a positive manner. Being silent and serve as a mere spectator all the time is not ideal. There are times when you need to stand up and speak up. 

Emotions play a big role in a person’s life. We must learn when to keep them intact. More on that later!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Opportunity is knocking at your door

Have you ever thought what most of the successful people had in common? They all endured hardships. Their lives were full of ups and downs but what separated them from others was that they faced all that came in their way with their heads high. They were fully focused and committed to their cause and never looked back. What we lack is the constant drive and determination to pull things off. At times we are extremely motivated and just want to give our best shot but there are times when we just want to quit and run away!

Why me? Why always me? When I turn around, I find the rest enjoying normal life then why am I the one who has to face all this? It’s because I have been given the chance, a golden opportunity to get enrolled amongst the best. To be counted and ranked with the elite that people admire. Theses hurdles only make you a strong person. They help you understand life and how to live it.

If you have financial problems, use your skills to earn a living. If you can’t get a job then employ yourself. If you have family issues, resolve them. If people are not willing to come to you, then take a step in their direction. If you have health issues, fight them till the last possible step. Don’t give up. If you can come out on top, then surely you can be proud of yourself. Well Done.

Does this make you happy? No! Okay. Here is an activity that I would like you to do. Choose one person i.e. celebrity that you've always admired in your life and that person has done something really great or revolutionary. Read the biography of that person and the journey towards success and you will get the answer.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2013………. Here I Come!

Last time my post was full of criticism. Well this is how life is! Previously I planned to continue on the same theme and wanted to add how you can contribute for the benefit of your society and play your due role but now I have revised that idea a bit.

Regardless of your cast and religion, people all over the globe plan for the upcoming year. Each company puts down certain targets to achieve and so do many individuals. Are you amongst those who plan? Yes, bingo that’s too good! This post will just help to give you a few more ideas. If you haven’t planned before then don’t worry. Together we can work things out!

Step 1: Write out one single thing that we wish to accomplish or change in yourself 

Your goals can be many but I believe in simplicity. Just focus on one thing which for you is most important. Remember: always set realistic goals or else you are doing more harm to yourself than to others

Step 2: Write down the hindrances that you face to accomplish that 

Most of the times our mind is our biggest obstacle, if we overcome that and stay determined then we can certainly achieve our goal. Write down all the problems that you face to achieve to fulfill your dream.

Step 3: Write down the steps that you can take to overcome the obstacles

At times there are certain problems that are not in our control i.e. we can’t help it like economic conditions, cultural barriers etc. Just focus on what you can do and search for alternatives

Step 4: Be strong! Through all thick and thins of your life

Well if you can’t handle the tough times then it’s better not to do this exercise from day one. You can simply close this post and move on. It is nothing but a waste of time.

Step 5: Assess every step and strictly evaluate your efforts and where things are going wrong

Evaluate, evaluate and evaluate! If you won’t then who will? Don’t think that somebody will do it for you! This is not a fairy tale but your life

Step 6: Most importantly! Only trust God for guidance

I have met so many people in my life but there are only a handful who actually know me and what I want to achieve in life. Only 1-2 with whom I consult. Why? Because I strongly believe that God will guide me. 

Remember discussing your issues with each person that you meet will do you no good! The more you discuss, the more confused you’ll be at the end of the day

Consult God in your prayers and seek help. From human kind only those in which you strongly believe really care for you

Lastly, how did it go? Do let me know as well! Don't tell me that your goal was only to make money, as even if you achieve that goal its not a big deal!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Just Sit and Watch!

I was wondering the other day, how many people have actually made an impact in other’s life? There are only handfuls that make them self count. Why is that so? What about the rest millions and billions who just come and go without doing any constructive worth remembering?

History tells us that this has always been the case. There are only 20% i.e. 10% on either side of the scale who make others life either better or worse while the remaining 80% just sit and watch!

To be honest, I find it very frustrating! It is so easy to sit back and criticize while equally hard to stand up and be counted. As I had explained in my previous post no one is happy in this life. If they say they are, it’s not true. Every body’s life is full of problems and struggles but if your attitude is positive, you face those worries with a smiling face. Coming back to this topic, do you love to be called a sitting duck? I hate this standard answer “What can I do?” Oh really! Have you ever cared about others as you do for your family? Have you ever had tears in your eyes for those who are suffering, like you have for your beloved? NO! Why? Because “I DON’T CARE”, “DO HELL WITH THE PEOPLE”. I have already got enough problems up my own sleeve to think about others.

Face it this is a reality. You can give lame excuses to others, but deep inside your heart, you know the truth. Remember, if you won’t feel for others and stand up for their rights, tomorrow when YOU will suffer, nobody will be there for you either. Guess what, if that’s the case, then I think YOU deserve what YOU get.

God made you a human with feelings, but you wished to live the life of an animal i.e. living for your own survival. Tomorrow don’t complain because you always preferred to just sit and watch!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Extremist But who?

If we ponder and look back in the history, we find that in the past a man has either reached height of glory through tremendous doings or either has fallen down miserably in the darkest tunnels. He is a mixture of both and who can stop him as he does whatever he feels like but at times, the man in his madness crosses all the boundaries and commits deeds that are a shameful act, something that cannot be pardoned or forgiven. Such barbaric acts show the inner vicious beast that is hidden inside him and evil brain thinking is now working to destroy his own self.

At times you feel pity for your own self as you are nothing and yet you think that you are everything. At the end of the day the clouds of death gather above him and lure him to his final resting place. With such dark clouds luring above, yet the man acts like a blind guy. Same is the case that is applicable to all the evil forces who not only brutally wipe away cities and countries in their lust for power but also degrade other religions. The recent example is the burning of Holy Quran in Afghanistan by the hands of those who do not ever deserve to be labeled as humans. The question then arises? Who is extremist? Who is terrorist? Is that a guy who retaliates in anger after you mock and wipe away his family, take down his house and torn away pages of his Holy Book? Or the mind who does this intentionally? Who defines the definitions?

Burning of quran at the hands of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan is the same chain that leads to that particular mind set which warns to create disharmony and atrocity in this world. Who wants to meddle with the Divine Laws of God. Does disrespecting someone’s religion makes you win people’s heart? Why can’t we live peacefully and respect the values each other? 

An in-depth analysis of history will tell you that it always the people with authority who bring in disharmony in this world. It is time that our masses should stand up and let their voices be heard. Staying as puppets in our own comfort zone will only add to the sufferings of millions and who knows tomorrow we may also be amongst those oppressed! Think before it’s too late…..

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who is Happy in this life? Nobody!

Who is happy in this world? If you look around, you shall find people have lots and lots of problems. I bet there is no house on this planet which doesn't have any problems. I did some research online to get some stats with regards to increase in diseases like blood pressure, tension, depression and mental disorders etc. The stats are alarming. They might not be perfect but estimates give us a good idea. Let me quote a few facts and stats:

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