Sunday, December 2, 2012

Just Sit and Watch!

I was wondering the other day, how many people have actually made an impact in other’s life? There are only handfuls that make them self count. Why is that so? What about the rest millions and billions who just come and go without doing any constructive worth remembering?

History tells us that this has always been the case. There are only 20% i.e. 10% on either side of the scale who make others life either better or worse while the remaining 80% just sit and watch!

To be honest, I find it very frustrating! It is so easy to sit back and criticize while equally hard to stand up and be counted. As I had explained in my previous post no one is happy in this life. If they say they are, it’s not true. Every body’s life is full of problems and struggles but if your attitude is positive, you face those worries with a smiling face. Coming back to this topic, do you love to be called a sitting duck? I hate this standard answer “What can I do?” Oh really! Have you ever cared about others as you do for your family? Have you ever had tears in your eyes for those who are suffering, like you have for your beloved? NO! Why? Because “I DON’T CARE”, “DO HELL WITH THE PEOPLE”. I have already got enough problems up my own sleeve to think about others.

Face it this is a reality. You can give lame excuses to others, but deep inside your heart, you know the truth. Remember, if you won’t feel for others and stand up for their rights, tomorrow when YOU will suffer, nobody will be there for you either. Guess what, if that’s the case, then I think YOU deserve what YOU get.

God made you a human with feelings, but you wished to live the life of an animal i.e. living for your own survival. Tomorrow don’t complain because you always preferred to just sit and watch!

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