Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why me?

When I woke up, it was totally dull and depressed. It was a complete blackout and nothing could be examined. Not a single sound or a rustling. I shortly saw that I was totally alone. I was the one left out. I ran around here and there in order to find some daylight and a clue about life but wasn’t any. I was all in tears and sobbing myself. Why me?

Whenever anything bad happens, I am to be blamed for that. There is a unanimous biased vote approved against me. I have become a symbol of hate. A person dies or an animal, a tree falls or a building, a road is blocked or a runway, all five fingers point at me. Why me?

They stare back at me darkly, mocking me. I am not defective because I look ugly it is because I was born to be unfit. I am the guilty party that you will find on this planet. I am the cause for all bad that’s going on. People say life without me would be full of serenity and prosperity. Angels will rejoice over my demise and the world will bring a sigh of relief. In short, the universe would be a safer spot to live in without me. Why me?

The story presented is entirely one sided. I cannot bring my shell to any reputable court on this planet. I have been declared culprit and charged guilty even before the case is submitted to the evaluator. When I try to speak up, they choke up my way and when they speak up it’s for everyone to try. Why me?

If I cry, then it is because of my wrongdoings. If I am insulted, that’s what I am meant for. If I am killed, then this is what I deserve. If I retaliate then I am a criminal. Why me?

I am suffered to be a slave and slavery is all I should do. I cannot rule. This is way out of the question. If I stand up for my rights then I am pushed to sit down. My people are doomed to be a tough and rotten life. A loaf of bread is plenty for the intact day. Why me?

If I am happy, then they can’t resist it. If I succeed, their blood boils. If I try to fly, they burn my wings. If I try to explore, they shut down my path. Why me?

If my friends do wrong, then I am also wrong. If others do wrong, then that’s their personal act. If my people do wrong, then our entire community is a culprit, but if others do the same then that’s a separate story. Why me?

If I stand up I am a rebel, if they stand up they are nationalists. If I go, I am an extremist, if they fail they are sufferers. If I live, I am a betrayer. If they exist, they are champions. Why these double standards? Why me?

If I speak up, I am viewed as an outright liar. If they speak up, they are the heroes of humankind. I cannot speak even if I have the proof against my opponents, but they can put false allegation on me whenever they feel alike. Why me?

If my people pull in their own conclusions, they are held as invalid. When their people arrive at a decision, it is labelled as democracy. I am impelled to yield a big price if I acquire a decision for myself. Why me?

If I follow my dress code, I am a rabid. If they conform to their dress code, they are pious. My practices are denounced as dangerous for mankind whilst theirs’ brings prosperity. Why me?

My annoyance is only my pain. Their pain is world’s pain. My battles are only my struggles. Their struggles unite the whole Earth. My sufferings are inaudible. Why me?

My lecture is considered unbearable. Their speech is labelled ‘freedom of expression’. My words are, either misinterpreted or remove as they breach community rights. Others possess a free hand to say whatever they like to say about me. I am just supposed to stay impervious? Why me?

My errors are unacceptable, but theirs are venial. Why am I labelled notorious? Why me?

My people die day in day out, it’s a normal action. When their people go, it’s an irreparable loss for the world. Is the line of my people available in the grocery store for free? Why me?

Nobody sympathizes with me. Am I incomprehensible? They dictate the direction they desire. They impose what they require. What about me? I am a single and helpless soul who isn’t paid a heed. Nobody even bothers to take heed to my cries and sorrows. Why are these double standards applicable only to me? Am I not human? Even animals get a fuller treatment than me. Why me?

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