Monday, August 11, 2014

Are you neutral? You've got to be joking…

Man is a social animal. He has been like this since day one and this will remain the same for eternity. Our surroundings and gatherings shape up our opinions. As a human being with thinking capability, it is not possible to act as a neutral. For each and every thing on this planet we have a view be it good or bad, positive or negative. How can you be neutral when you have not been made that way? In my dictionary, this word does not exist. Erase this word from your mind. It isn’t anything. Wise people are those who are affected by their surroundings but do not let these factors hinder their quest to seek the truth. If a person is at fault and the whole community supports him then this does not mean that I should do that as well if I know the truth. 

Why do people pretend to be neutral? There can be many ways for doing so. Mostly people avoid doing so as they don’t want to get into trouble by siding with one or the other. Others have certain vested interests which they protect by not siding with any party. At the end of the day, the fact is that every person is inclined towards one thing or the other no matter if they declare it publicly or keep it to themselves. 

There is no hard and fast rule that you need to follow when it comes to letting your feelings known. It is highly advisable to do so when it is beneficial to do so and helps in a positive manner. Being silent and serve as a mere spectator all the time is not ideal. There are times when you need to stand up and speak up. 

Emotions play a big role in a person’s life. We must learn when to keep them intact. More on that later!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Opportunity is knocking at your door

Have you ever thought what most of the successful people had in common? They all endured hardships. Their lives were full of ups and downs but what separated them from others was that they faced all that came in their way with their heads high. They were fully focused and committed to their cause and never looked back. What we lack is the constant drive and determination to pull things off. At times we are extremely motivated and just want to give our best shot but there are times when we just want to quit and run away!

Why me? Why always me? When I turn around, I find the rest enjoying normal life then why am I the one who has to face all this? It’s because I have been given the chance, a golden opportunity to get enrolled amongst the best. To be counted and ranked with the elite that people admire. Theses hurdles only make you a strong person. They help you understand life and how to live it.

If you have financial problems, use your skills to earn a living. If you can’t get a job then employ yourself. If you have family issues, resolve them. If people are not willing to come to you, then take a step in their direction. If you have health issues, fight them till the last possible step. Don’t give up. If you can come out on top, then surely you can be proud of yourself. Well Done.

Does this make you happy? No! Okay. Here is an activity that I would like you to do. Choose one person i.e. celebrity that you've always admired in your life and that person has done something really great or revolutionary. Read the biography of that person and the journey towards success and you will get the answer.
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