Friday, April 9, 2010

Am I A Fool? I think I am. What about You?

As strange as it sounds, in reality it is true. How many of us have actually thought about it? Are we fools? As per my understanding, each and every one of us is gifted with a brain and ability to think no matter if you are a beggar or a king. We all are free and can think of what ever we feel like. Do you know what I am thinking of at the moment? No you don’t that’s its power. You may think I admire you but in reality you might be the person I hate the most.

Coming back to the original topic of my post “Am I A Fool?” Yes, I am. Why because I follow what others do. What Mr. XYZ says becomes a corner stone for me. You may call this madness or craziness, I don’t care because for me, he is every thing in the world. What ever he says is right and what the whole world says is wrong. If he says its day (be it night) I’ll still trust him. That’s called blind following.

How many of us actually do so? In reality a lot of us do this. Be it a politician, a celebrity, a sports man or any other person. We tend to idolize a person and then firmly believe in what he says. Why is the question that arises in mind? There is no doubt an emotional attachment with some one we like; agreed because it’s natural. Every other person has different tastes and preferences but blind following is madness.

Where is your thinking ability? Why don’t you think of it before you agree to it? Have we lost all our brains? If each one of us starts to think and react according to his understanding then there won’t be that much of a fuss around. Few days back I had an argument with one of my friends. Despite proving by facts that her stance was wrong, she still didn’t agree to it and was adamant on the point that if “he” has said so then that is it. 

Why do we even bother to acquire education when we have to do blind following? Why do we spend so much time on research and experiments when we will eventually succumb to what “he” has to say? Isn’t this annoying? Isn’t this frustrating? What a waste of an extremely valuable part of our body. It’s a complete shame, Pity on me! I believe at the end of the day, its better not to have the brain and thinking ability altogether then to have it displayed as an exhibition.
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