Sunday, April 8, 2012

Extremist But who?

If we ponder and look back in the history, we find that in the past a man has either reached height of glory through tremendous doings or either has fallen down miserably in the darkest tunnels. He is a mixture of both and who can stop him as he does whatever he feels like but at times, the man in his madness crosses all the boundaries and commits deeds that are a shameful act, something that cannot be pardoned or forgiven. Such barbaric acts show the inner vicious beast that is hidden inside him and evil brain thinking is now working to destroy his own self.

At times you feel pity for your own self as you are nothing and yet you think that you are everything. At the end of the day the clouds of death gather above him and lure him to his final resting place. With such dark clouds luring above, yet the man acts like a blind guy. Same is the case that is applicable to all the evil forces who not only brutally wipe away cities and countries in their lust for power but also degrade other religions. The recent example is the burning of Holy Quran in Afghanistan by the hands of those who do not ever deserve to be labeled as humans. The question then arises? Who is extremist? Who is terrorist? Is that a guy who retaliates in anger after you mock and wipe away his family, take down his house and torn away pages of his Holy Book? Or the mind who does this intentionally? Who defines the definitions?

Burning of quran at the hands of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan is the same chain that leads to that particular mind set which warns to create disharmony and atrocity in this world. Who wants to meddle with the Divine Laws of God. Does disrespecting someone’s religion makes you win people’s heart? Why can’t we live peacefully and respect the values each other? 

An in-depth analysis of history will tell you that it always the people with authority who bring in disharmony in this world. It is time that our masses should stand up and let their voices be heard. Staying as puppets in our own comfort zone will only add to the sufferings of millions and who knows tomorrow we may also be amongst those oppressed! Think before it’s too late…..

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