Friday, April 9, 2010

Am I A Fool? I think I am. What about You?

As strange as it sounds, in reality it is true. How many of us have actually thought about it? Are we fools? As per my understanding, each and every one of us is gifted with a brain and ability to think no matter if you are a beggar or a king. We all are free and can think of what ever we feel like. Do you know what I am thinking of at the moment? No you don’t that’s its power. You may think I admire you but in reality you might be the person I hate the most.

Coming back to the original topic of my post “Am I A Fool?” Yes, I am. Why because I follow what others do. What Mr. XYZ says becomes a corner stone for me. You may call this madness or craziness, I don’t care because for me, he is every thing in the world. What ever he says is right and what the whole world says is wrong. If he says its day (be it night) I’ll still trust him. That’s called blind following.

How many of us actually do so? In reality a lot of us do this. Be it a politician, a celebrity, a sports man or any other person. We tend to idolize a person and then firmly believe in what he says. Why is the question that arises in mind? There is no doubt an emotional attachment with some one we like; agreed because it’s natural. Every other person has different tastes and preferences but blind following is madness.

Where is your thinking ability? Why don’t you think of it before you agree to it? Have we lost all our brains? If each one of us starts to think and react according to his understanding then there won’t be that much of a fuss around. Few days back I had an argument with one of my friends. Despite proving by facts that her stance was wrong, she still didn’t agree to it and was adamant on the point that if “he” has said so then that is it. 

Why do we even bother to acquire education when we have to do blind following? Why do we spend so much time on research and experiments when we will eventually succumb to what “he” has to say? Isn’t this annoying? Isn’t this frustrating? What a waste of an extremely valuable part of our body. It’s a complete shame, Pity on me! I believe at the end of the day, its better not to have the brain and thinking ability altogether then to have it displayed as an exhibition.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Optimism Is The Key To Success

Today in this day and age all the people are running here and there. As such there is no happiness and satisfaction in life. You check out the billionaires of the world and all they care about is their wealth. While on the other hand there are masses, extremely poor people who are starving to death day in day out.

Where do we stand? What are we doing? Are we mere spectators watching the show or do we too belong to one of such categories? Where actually are we headed? My life, my family, my money; is that it? Is this our purpose of living?

Every where you see hopelessness and pessimism; we don’t trust anyone and worst than that we don’t support anyone. If a person raises his voice against the injustice, we think he is crazy. Instead of landing a helping hand and support the cause and strengthen the chain of resistance, we turn around and do the opposite. We taunt such people and pass sarcastic remarks such as “What can you do?” and “What can I do?” There are billions living in this world. I cannot do anything. Nobody will listen to me.

That’s what you think. Taking the first step is always difficult but as you move along you find that it was not too difficult after all. It’s all about believing in yourself, your abilities, your potential. Pessimists are bound to fail. Obviously negative thinking will never ever permit you to stand up and do great things in life. Who are you afraid of the world or your own self?

Life is going on from the day of its inception and it will continue to. People come and depart but life goes on. Do you want to spend your life just the way it is going? What the big deal in it? Living for a greater cause is indeed a big deal. Use your potential to bring in change. You as an educated person must always be optimistic. Here are a few things which can help you get motivated and do great things in life in the midst of selfishness and materialism:

  • Read books regarding the lives of people who made impossible, possible
  • Gather yourself around people who believe in the same cause
  • Consider optimism and hope as your strength, something that you have and others don’t and that’s what makes you special
  • Trust your abilities and identify the areas where you can utilize them to bring about a change in the life of others
  • Mobilize people and make them realize that just sitting and discussing will do no good. We need to stand up and let our voices be heard against all the injustice in this world
  • Lastly, have a source of inspiration for yourself. In the midst of all the troubles and worries when your eyes are full of tears, turn back to him and ask him for the guidance. Who better to refer to than your own creator?
“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Helen Keller

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Do You Have A Dream Powerful Enough To Bring A Change?

What is a dream? A wishful thinking or a drive to reach a certain level? Well in reality its both. A dream is a driving force that serves as a fuel in your thrive to reach that level. How many of us dream? Majority of us do but how many of us convert their dreams to reality? This is where you can judge the strength of your vision.

In my opinion there are two kinds of people. Those who only dream and do nothing else. They are wishful thinkers or in short day dreamers who would love to have their dream turned into reality but are too lazy to make any actual attempt for it. The next type is of those who actually dream and then plan to make it happen. History is full of such great people who single handedly lead a movement or turned the world’s map upside down. You might be thinking that leaders had masses behind them to support their cause but have you ever wondered who actually initiated the movement? It was one man who had the courage and desire to stand up and fulfill his dream.

There are many people who actually have a dream and they do struggle to make it happen but some how aren’t successful. Are they losers? No they are not. Why? because they at least made an effort and did their level best to fulfill their vision.

What do you dream about? Becoming a millionaire or a president or a sports legend or a celebrity or someone famous? Is that it? What if I tell you that you have become a millionaire then what will you do? Dreams are much more than worldly wishes. You must dream for a cause. A purpose way beyond the benefit of your own self. A desire to do something good and noble. A desire to bring a change.

In short your dream should be for a greater cause so that at the end you can justify your existence on this planet. God has given you the brain and ability to utilize it effectively now go on and make yourself proud.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

How Much Do You Know About Your Life?

Sounds strange when we hear of the word “life”. A 4 letter word which comprises of our entire time period on this planet. Strangely we hear it so many times that “enjoy life” but when it comes to death, we are either stunned, nervous or simply close our eyes and run away from reality. Is that it? There are 24 hours in a day. You wake up early morning, go to college, work place or where ever and then return home, relax and it’s the end of the day. Then the same cycle continues the next day and the same routine goes on and on till a time comes where it all has to end. It’s just like a journey where you go to spend holidays. Enjoy it fully and then there comes a time when you need to pack up and go from where you came.

Ok so what’s the big deal in it? Each person living on this planet Earth has a dream that I want to do this, and this and so on. My question is: how would you do all this when you don’t even know how much time you have to do all this? Who can stand up and tell me that he knows exactly when his time will end? Is there any one?

How many of you actually think about your life? Do you even try to ask yourself?

• Who am I?
• Why am I here in this world?
• If I can’t control my life and death then what actually is there that I can control?
• If I am privileged enough to be born in a wealthy family or earn millions then what’s its use? Can it save me from the claws of death?

If you don’t have the answer to all this then all your efforts are useless. It would be a shame to know that despite being highly educated and living a reputable life you are unable to realize your true self.

Can I give you the answers to all these questions? Yes I can. But will I give you the answers? No I won’t? Why? Because it’s your life and You are the judge. What I can tell you is that you control your own destiny. Yes, agreed that you don’t have the power to change your in coming and out going time from this planet but what about the time that you spend in between? You can control that!

Look deep inside your self. Explore your inner and outer world with an open mind and you will find your answers.
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