Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2013………. Here I Come!

Last time my post was full of criticism. Well this is how life is! Previously I planned to continue on the same theme and wanted to add how you can contribute for the benefit of your society and play your due role but now I have revised that idea a bit.

Regardless of your cast and religion, people all over the globe plan for the upcoming year. Each company puts down certain targets to achieve and so do many individuals. Are you amongst those who plan? Yes, bingo that’s too good! This post will just help to give you a few more ideas. If you haven’t planned before then don’t worry. Together we can work things out!

Step 1: Write out one single thing that we wish to accomplish or change in yourself 

Your goals can be many but I believe in simplicity. Just focus on one thing which for you is most important. Remember: always set realistic goals or else you are doing more harm to yourself than to others

Step 2: Write down the hindrances that you face to accomplish that 

Most of the times our mind is our biggest obstacle, if we overcome that and stay determined then we can certainly achieve our goal. Write down all the problems that you face to achieve to fulfill your dream.

Step 3: Write down the steps that you can take to overcome the obstacles

At times there are certain problems that are not in our control i.e. we can’t help it like economic conditions, cultural barriers etc. Just focus on what you can do and search for alternatives

Step 4: Be strong! Through all thick and thins of your life

Well if you can’t handle the tough times then it’s better not to do this exercise from day one. You can simply close this post and move on. It is nothing but a waste of time.

Step 5: Assess every step and strictly evaluate your efforts and where things are going wrong

Evaluate, evaluate and evaluate! If you won’t then who will? Don’t think that somebody will do it for you! This is not a fairy tale but your life

Step 6: Most importantly! Only trust God for guidance

I have met so many people in my life but there are only a handful who actually know me and what I want to achieve in life. Only 1-2 with whom I consult. Why? Because I strongly believe that God will guide me. 

Remember discussing your issues with each person that you meet will do you no good! The more you discuss, the more confused you’ll be at the end of the day

Consult God in your prayers and seek help. From human kind only those in which you strongly believe really care for you

Lastly, how did it go? Do let me know as well! Don't tell me that your goal was only to make money, as even if you achieve that goal its not a big deal!


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