Sunday, January 24, 2010

Do You Have A Dream Powerful Enough To Bring A Change?

What is a dream? A wishful thinking or a drive to reach a certain level? Well in reality its both. A dream is a driving force that serves as a fuel in your thrive to reach that level. How many of us dream? Majority of us do but how many of us convert their dreams to reality? This is where you can judge the strength of your vision.

In my opinion there are two kinds of people. Those who only dream and do nothing else. They are wishful thinkers or in short day dreamers who would love to have their dream turned into reality but are too lazy to make any actual attempt for it. The next type is of those who actually dream and then plan to make it happen. History is full of such great people who single handedly lead a movement or turned the world’s map upside down. You might be thinking that leaders had masses behind them to support their cause but have you ever wondered who actually initiated the movement? It was one man who had the courage and desire to stand up and fulfill his dream.

There are many people who actually have a dream and they do struggle to make it happen but some how aren’t successful. Are they losers? No they are not. Why? because they at least made an effort and did their level best to fulfill their vision.

What do you dream about? Becoming a millionaire or a president or a sports legend or a celebrity or someone famous? Is that it? What if I tell you that you have become a millionaire then what will you do? Dreams are much more than worldly wishes. You must dream for a cause. A purpose way beyond the benefit of your own self. A desire to do something good and noble. A desire to bring a change.

In short your dream should be for a greater cause so that at the end you can justify your existence on this planet. God has given you the brain and ability to utilize it effectively now go on and make yourself proud.


  1. AoA,

    I would like to add here that there is a third kind of dreamers that have lack of resources to fulfill what they thought. Strongly agreed on dreaming but there should be some mid-part bridge for those who already dreamed and spent lot of time on research and shaping the goal but at the end of the day they are out of practical resources. What most they got are the WORDS OF APPRECIATION only.

    But regret we can't say anybody to think before dreaming. We are only facing this barrier in Pakistan. If we broaden our circle a little, we'll find lot of organisations that are supporting the DREAMS.

    Article was cool. Thanks and Regards.


  2. Hello Basit,

    Thank you for appreciating the article. Well I have mentioned about such people in my article who try hard but some how are unable to fulfill their dreams.

    The point is how big can you dream and how can that dream bring about a positive change in others life.


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